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22+ A Picture Of Food Chain Gif. ✓ free for commercial use ✓ high quality images. A food chain is a sequence of transfer of matter and energy through food, from one organism to another.

Food Chain
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The producer is generally a plant, or something that creates it's own food. The food chain begins with the tiniest microorganisms who are the major producers of food in the ocean and are in turn, consumed by bigger lives, which are eventually preyed by the largest marine lives such as whales and sharks. Green plants are the only organisms that can directly get the sun's energy and.

The above energy pyramid shows many shrubs grass providing food and energy to zebras.

Ecosystems with such type of food chain are directly dependent on an influx of solar radiation. A green plant should always be the first link of a food chain. 23 examples of food chains from various ecosystems, pictures, and explanations. — картинка и запись в словаре о пищевой цепочке.

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